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Justin Miles

Windy Point Restaurant

“I know that homelessness services are struggling with more people needing their help. DineSmart is easy to run and makes a real difference to people.”

Sean Kierce - Ladro & Ladro Tap

Sean Kierce

Ladro Fitzroy and Ladro TAP

“Through DineSmart we have helped to fund some fantastic local organisations that are literally a stone's throw from our restaurant. It's really great to be able to tell our customers exactly where the money goes, that it benfits local people.”

Erez Gordon

Bishop Wine Bar

“DineSmart is such a simple way to give back, and our team are motivated to make a difference to the lives of those experiencing homelessness.”

Ben Clark - Top Paddock, Higher Ground and Kettle Black

Ben Clark


“We are long-term supporters of StreetSmart and the DineSmart campaign. We get approached to participate in lots of charity work, but for our team, the work StreetSmart does with local homelessness services to address real gaps in funding is what sets it apart.”

Nicole Papasavas Stalactites

Nicole Papasavas


“We love being part of DineSmart. It's a great concept that assists the small, 'grassroots' programs that tackle important social issues. It's simple to administer and all our customers are very supportive as it gives them an opportunity to contribute, that they may not of otherwise had.”

Sam Christie

The Apollo, Cho Cho San

“We think it is important for business to give back – and DineSmart is such a simple way to effect meaningful change in people’s lives. ”

Nick Coulter - Hanoi Hannah, Tokyo Tina and Neptune

Nick Coulter

Hanoi Hannah, Tokyo Tina & Neptune

“DineSmart is an opportunity to raise funds and awareness. When most of the press around homelessness is focused on the lack of funding, while people are really suffering - it is great to be able to positively engage - and take practical action.”

Anna Healy

Sezar, The Black Toro & Shukah Windsor

'We love being part of DineSmart. It's an effective way of supporting such a worthwhile venture and simple for us to implement. We are looking forward to Christmas and lots of contributions."