‘StreetFunder’ is our Monthly Giving program. Each month we seek out and fund a different project and provide you with feedback on your community impact. Join us to be at the forefront of funding and supporting innovative projects with real impact for people who are homeless or at risk.

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Project Of The Month — May 2017


Becoming a teenage parent is a challenging experience. Some young women however, are juggling this important role with other difficult circumstances such as domestic violence, homelessness, abuse and mental health issues. Youth Futures ‘NEST’ program was developed for young parents who are at risk of losing custody of their baby to the government due to being homeless or having unsuitable living conditions for raising a child.

The NEST aims to empower these mothers to maintain custody of their baby and to develop skills that will help them break the cycle of disadvantage, providing safe and secure accommodation for up to 18 months. During this time, mothers are supported to identify and address any issues that may be preventing them from reaching their potential.

Teenage mothers are also less likely to continue with their studies, leading to future unemployment or insecure, low-paying positions. However, with secure accommodation and support from a Youth Support Development Worker, many NEST mothers feel that they are able to return to education. While in the program each young mother is helped to set educational and financial goals. They are then assisted to access education and to create a savings plan that will see them save enough money to secure a future rental.

For mothers that are unable to be housed due to high demand, the NEST also runs an outreach program which helps young mothers find appropriate housing and provides support through home, hospital and refuge visits.

This month StreetFunders will help fund the Youth Futures’ NEST program, giving children a better start to life and improving the wellbeing and opportunities of young mothers.
Photo is of Katie and Ariella.

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April 2017


StreetFunders helped a number of families transition from homelessness into housing successfully, helping them create a safe and secure place to call home.
Funds provided $4,969

March 2017

Two Good

Helped to provide over 750 healthy meals and 64 hours of employment and life opportunities to women and children in refuges in Sydney and Melbourne.
Funds provided $3643

February 2017

The Footpath Library

Helped fund the operations of The Footpath Library resulting in the distribution of around 3,000 books.
Funds provided $2,330

January 2017

Women’s Community Shelters

Back to school fund split between Great Lakes (Regional NSW) and Sanctuary (NW Sydney) shelters.
Funds provided $2,201

December 2016

Emerge Women & Children’s Support Network

StreetFunders and ‘once off’ givers supported families with their Back to School costs.
Funds provided $4,497

November 2016

Hawkesbury’s Helping Hands

Helped provide Christmas Dinner & outreach services over the holiday period when other services in the area are closed.
Funds provided $1,765

October 2016

Orange Sky

Helped cover the on-road costs of their new shower van on trial in Brisbane.
Funds provided $1,636

This wall art at the 139 Club in Brisbane is a memorial for all those people who have lost their lives living on the street, funded by a small community grant from StreetSmart Australia.