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Spike in first time homelessness as property prices pinch: Vinnies

SMH 2015-06-19

12-year-olds diverted from foster care to refuges: youth welfare advocate

SMH 2015-06-14

Why should we care about society's outcasts?

The Age 2015-06-05

The Melbourne teenager going to school while living under a bridge

The Age 2015-06-03

Experimental Victorian scheme could virtually eradicate homelessness

The Guardian 2015-04-30

Home isn't a refuge for domestic violence victims

SMH 2015-04-23

CEDA report: More than a million Aussies living in poverty a disgrace

ceda 2015-04-21

Homeless men missing out on crisis accommodation, agency says

ABC News 2015-04-01

Australia risks generation of homeless older women says social commentator

ABC Sunshine Coast 2015-03-31

Chronic homeless at risk of premature death get help from Street to Home project

The Age 2015-03-29

How Giving Homes To The Homeless Reduces Homelessness

Huffington Post 2015-03-28

Foster care, support programs for young people should extend until age of 21, Anglicare says

ABC Radio Australia 2015-03-28

Rooming house families

ABC Lateline 2015-03-17

Homelessness & older women: The accumulation of a lifetime of inequality

Women's Agenda 2015-03-16

How funding changes in NSW locked women out of domestic violence refuges

The Guardian 2015-03-09

Left in harm's way

Background Briefing 2015-03-08

More than 1000 homeless children in Bendigo

ABC 2015-02-23

Our shelters for domestic violence victims are in crisis

Daily Life 2015-02-19

The evidence supports specialist refuges for domestic violence

The Conversation 2015-02-18

The cost of youth homelessness

ABC AM 2015-02-17

Violence in family home triggers youth homelessness

The Age 2015-02-16

New report: Australia needs to radically rethink its housing policy for ageing population

SMH 2015-01-29

Northern beaches facing rise in homeless teens, and hidden problem predicted to worsen

Daily Telegraph 2015-01-28

Homeless women in Melbourne raped and abused by men who offer shelter

The Guardian 2015-01-27

Fears family violence royal commission and cuts will spark homelessness crisis

The Guardian 2015-01-21

Homelessness in Queensland: a fight for survival

ABC 2015-01-16

Homelessness a year-round issue

The Age 2015-01-01

Homelessness increasing in Melbourne; family violence and expensive housing to blame

The Age 2014-12-28

Calls for greater investment in housing support for women escaping domestic violence

ABC AM 2014-11-25

Welfare groups call for urgent funding as number of children in boarding houses increases

ABC News 2014-11-20

Time to tackle homeless issue - not hide it as at G20 summit

HERALD SUN 2014-11-15

Funding cuts see refuges in ACT reject desperate women, families

Canberra Times 2014-10-11

Home Free?

The New Yorker 2014-09-22

What it's like to be homeless, while pretending that you're not

Daily Life 2014-09-12

Women’s refuge shuts its doors after 24 years

Daily Telegraph 2014-06-30

Calls for tax incentive for charitable landlords

The World Today 2014-06-25

Devastated: govt cuts hit homeless women, children

The Transcontinental 2014-06-14

Domestic violence: $8.6 million restored to inner city women's refuges

SMH 2014-06-13

OPINION: Scrapping rent scheme worsens housing crisis

Newcastle Herald 2014-06-11

The women who keep abuse victims safe

Daily Life 2014-06-11

For homeless women, safety must come first

smh.com 2014-06-10

A day at a women's crisis support centre

Daily Life 2014-05-21

Rental costs, availability contributing to homelessness

ABC News 2014-04-30

Margaret: the hidden face of homelessness

ABC News 2014-04-28

More women over 55 facing homelessness

The World Today 2014-04-14

Middle class, hard working and homeless

The Age 2014-04-08

Two years at Central Station and no ticket out of homelessness

smh.com 2014-03-09

Elderly and disabled South Melbourne seniors facing eviction from low-income apartments

Herald Sun Leader 2014-02-05

Single parents on Newstart allowance reveal decline in nutrition, mental health and large debts

ABC News 2014-02-05

Homelessness is not a diagnosis

South Sydney Herald 2014-02-04

Hundreds of Canberrans seeking help for housing missed out in 2013

ABC News 2014-01-31

Warning of serious social problem as housing shortage and high prices combine

ABC PM 2013-10-02

The faces of homelessness in Ballarat: Denise's story

ABC Ballarat 2013-09-30

Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott urged to focus on the needs of the unemployed and homeless

The World Today 2013-08-22

Ageing on the edge: the new face of homelessness

Background Briefing 2013-08-18

Many in foster care 'unequipped' to leave at 18

The Age 2013-08-05