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Victoria’s First Social Impact Bond To Address Homelessness

Pro Bono Australia 2017-12-21

How Finland eliminated homelessness: The idea that is coming to the UK

ITV News 2017-12-15

Homeless older women

The Project - TEN 2017-12-14

Women leaving domestic violence living in car as homeless fill shelters

ABC News 2017-10-19

Explainer: The link between poverty and homelessness

Launch Housing 2017-10-17

Cost of homelessness: Governments will save money by spending on accommodation services, study finds

ABC News 2017-03-16

Criminalising the homeless of Melbourne’s CBD

The Saturday Paper 2017-03-04

What homeless people really need is a home, not a clean shirt or bowl of soup

Brisbane Times 2017-03-04

Brisbane program places vulnerable homeless people in housing and provides access to support services

ABC News 2017-03-02

Housing affordability squeeze pushed down coast as city dwellers flee Sydney

ABC News 2017-02-28

Nelly Thomas On How Her Mate Became Homeless

The Insider Blog - New Matilda 2017-02-27

Melbourne council bans homeless from sleeping in the CBD

News.com.au 2017-02-08

Plan to ban homeless people from camping in the city

The Age 2017-02-02

Indigenous Homeless Hit Hardest By Funding Uncertainty

Probono Australia 2017-01-24

Homeless in Melbourne: Where, pray tell lord mayor, do you suggest they go?

The Age 2017-01-22

We Can't Arrest Our Way Out Of The Homelessness Crisis

The Huffington Post 2017-01-20

Why secure and affordable housing is an increasing worry for age pensioners

The Conversation 2016-12-12

Housing inequality is a failure to govern, and the market is not the answer

The Guardian 2016-11-29

Calls for Housing as Rental Affordability Crisis Pushes People into Homelessness

Probono Australia 2016-11-24

Help for our homeless falls short

The Age 2016-11-13

'Tsunami Of Homelessness' Feared As Sector Pleads For More Cash

The Huffington Post 2016-11-03

ROUGH TIMES - Homelessness has reached crisis levels in Melbourne and Sydney

The Monthly 2016-11

Let Them Eat Cake: On Playing At Poverty

The Pantograph Punch 2016-10-30

The man without a home

ABC News 2016-10-27

'I was so scattered': how Antoinette silenced the voices in her head

The Age 2016-09-24

Rent rise 'tipping point to downward spiral'

The Senior 2016-08-29

Raising foster care age would save money and vulnerable from streets: Anglicare

The Age 2016-08-21

Nurse tells of homeless nightmare

The Courier 2016-08-12

Inside Australia’s growing homeless crisis

The Saturday Paper 2016-08-06

Scale of homelessness in Canberra hard to grasp

Canberra Times 2016-08-05

Homeless young woman

MamaMia 2016-08-05

Surviving homelessness: Realities of life on the street

ABC 2016-08-04

Ex-defence force worker Jody speaks out about the invisible homeless existing in cars

ABC 2016-08-03

Australia should 'pay for success' in tackling homelessness

ABC 2016-08-04

Five ways to fix homelessness

The Age 2016-07-14

Rough sleepers offer us all a harsh lesson

The Age 2016-06-05

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