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Australia is now in its 27th consecutive year of economic growth, a unique achievement of which we should be proud. However, with 3.2 million Australians currently living below the poverty line (Poverty in Australia 2018 report), we know this prosperity has not been evenly shared. Barriers to education, employment and housing, and poor health outcomes are the outcomes of entrenched poverty. Homelessness is interwoven with poverty.

On a very personal level many women and young girls who are homeless experience “period poverty” on a monthly basis, as they cannot afford necessary sanitary products. 27% of Australian girls have had to miss school because of period poverty, with some of those girls missing up to 4 days a month. Anti-Poverty Week will be held from the 13th to the 19th of October so that’s why this month we are raising awareness and funds for the Melbourne Period Project who provide care, support and sanitary products for homeless women around Australia.

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StreetSmart supports the RaiseTheRate campaign to lift Newstart allowance by $75 per week.

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