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‘StreetFunder’ is our Monthly Giving program. Each month we seek out and fund a different project and provide you with feedback on your community impact. Join us to be at the forefront of funding and supporting innovative projects with real impact for people who are homeless or at risk.

Project Of The Month — April 2017


The 500 Lives 500 Homes is a three year campaign to break the cycle of homelessness for families, young people and adults in our community who are homeless. By getting to know each person by name and surveying their individual health, housing and support needs, the team can respond in the best way to each person and prioritise the most vulnerable people.

Through StreetFunder support this month we will support the 500 Lives 500 Homes Families Working Group to help families transition from homelessness into housing successfully, helping them create a safe and secure place to call home.


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This wall art at the 139 Club in Brisbane is a memorial for all those people who have lost their lives living on the street, funded by a small community grant from StreetSmart Australia.