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This month kids are heading back to school. Many young people experiencing homelessness find it hard to maintain their education. Displacement, upheaval, stress and anxiety, and poverty all contribute to disrupted schooling. That’s why this month we want to help young people meet the costs of starting school and give them the best chance of staying engaged throughout 2020, maximising the benefits of education. Regional homeless services are particularly under resourced, so StreetFunder’s January donations will support two Queensland organisations – Young People Ahead in Mount Isa and Roseberry in Gladstone.

We want to ensure that all young people have the opportunity to attend school to their fullest, and hope you’ll chip in a donation to help pay for school uniforms, stationery items, shoes, tutoring, transport and enrolments.

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StreetSmart supports the #RaiseTheRate campaign to lift the Newstart allowance by $75 per week.

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“Our business has been supporting StreetSmart through workplace giving since 2015. Each month our team helps fund a new project and we get immediate feedback on how the money has been spent. We are really proud to be a part of such an important initiative, and our staff are too”   Justine Butler, ASIC in the Community Manager

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