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‘StreetFunder’ is our Monthly Giving program. Each month we seek out and fund a different project and provide you with feedback on your community impact. Join us to be at the forefront of funding and supporting innovative projects with real impact for people who are homeless or at risk.

StreetFunder – Project of the Month

February 2017

The Footpath Library

The Footpath Library collects donated books from the public & publishers and gives away free books to people living on the street via their mobile services and through libraries they have installed in hostels, refuges and community organisations. This month StreetFunder will help fund the operations of The Footpath Library resulting in the distribution of around 3,000 books.

Books help keep people healthy and happy, and truly are food for the mind and soul!


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This wall art at the 139 Club in Brisbane is a memorial for all those people who have lost their lives living on the street, funded by a small community grant from StreetSmart Australia.