We believe no one should be without a safe and secure place to call home.

We work to support people who are homeless or at risk, and work to end homelessness in Australia.

We believe everyone should have a safe and secure place to call home
We work to raise funds and awareness to bring about change for people experiencing homelessness or at risk.

Through innovative campaigns we enable and empower communities
to raise vital funds and awareness
for smaller grassroots homeless services

We keep it grassroots, we keep it local

We seek out, support and partner with small organisations and projects, in the communities where funds are raised.

StreetSmart Collective

We believe change needs a whole of community approach.  Through the StreetSmart Collective we partner with like minded philanthropists, Trust and Foundations and Corporates to effectively target and tackle homelessness and domestic violence across local communities – find out more

Our Start Up Story

StreetSmart Founder, Adam Robinson, believes that everyone should have a safe and secure place to call home. In 2000, frustrated by a lack of national leadership on the issue of homelessness, he abandoned a successful career in business and began work in the not for profit sector.  He chose to work for smaller organisations, who are often under resourced yet are on the front line of service delivery.  It was while working at a small youth service in Dandenong, in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, he gained first hand experience of the many barriers to funding that these grassroots organisations face.

In 2003 Adam set up StreetSmart Australia, based on a UK organisation of the same name.  He wanted to simultaneously break down inaccurate prejudices about homelessness, raise vital funds for important smaller, local organisations and help connect them to their community. By adopting a philosophy that privileges locality — donations are fed back into projects as close to where they are raised as possible. StreetSmart operates at a local, grassroots level to fund critical services.  These smaller organisations are embedded in local communities and often deliver innovative responses to community needs.

We believe:

  1. No Australian should be homeless, housing is a human right
  2. Homelessness is complex and there are many contributing factors to be tackled
  3. A lack of affordable housing for those on a low income is a leading contributor to homelessness
  4. The provision of housing and supportive services is critical in solving homelessness
  5. People experiencing homelessness should be supported through provision of emergency aid and critical services, and development of projects and programs that encourage social inclusion, empowerment and sustainable change
  6. In working to prevent people from becoming homeless

Status:  StreetSmart Australia is a Public Benevolent Institute with DGR 1.



Tim Costello, CEO of World Vision

National Board of Directors

Zoey Masunungure, (Treasurer), Aust Red Cross Blood Service
Adam Milgrom (Chair) – Director, Dot Point
Adam Robinson – Founder and CEO
Matthew Rowe – (Secretary) Corporate Governance Advisor, AFIC


Adam Robinson – does CEO and impact stuff – full time
Geoff Hill – does fundraising and operation stuff – full time
Geeta Buttery – mainly crm/web/i.t. stuff – part time

Grants Advisory Committee

Currently community grants are distributed twice a year. In VIC, NSW/ACT and QLD StreetSmart has a state-based volunteer Grants Advisory Committee who review and decide on grant applications. Our committees are made up of committed people looking to build stronger communities and help those experiencing homelessness or at risk, we thank them for their time and valued support.

Victorian Grants Advisory Committee:   Lucy Adams, Justice Connect; Cassandra Bawden, Pier Education Support Program; Andrew Edgar,  Council to Homeless Persons: Russell Shields, Community Grocer

New South Wales/ACT Grants Advisory Committee: Sue Cripps, Sue Cripps Consulting;  Sarah Hiley, Medically Supervised Injecting Centre; Katherine McKernan, Homelessness NSW; Lara Sabbadin, NSW Department of Justice, DV Team; Lou Schetzer, PIAC

Queensland Grants Advisory Committee: Maria Leebeek, Micah Projects; Darren McGhee, Salvation Army; Peter Mengede, QLD Shelter; Robert Reed, Minter Ellison; Ruth Toomey, QCOSS


The work of StreetSmart Australia is made possible through the vision and financial support of a number of private philanthropists, corporate partners and pro-bono partners.

National Partners

  • Sunshine Foundation
  • Bluesand Foundation
  • Merrin Foundation

National In Kind Supporters

  • 360 South – All design needs, ideas and very quick turnarounds
  • Freehills –  legals
  • Geoplex – website mapping
  • LIFX – desk space
  • National Storage – you guessed it … Storage

Event Sponsors and participants:  We couldn’t do what we do without them – See event pages

Friends and Volunteers:  StreetSmart acknowledges the contribution made by so many volunteers and pro-bono partners, who make our work possible.  A special mention to Jerry Marston, board member and Chair 2008-2018; Christopher Thorn, founding Chairman 2003-2008; Rodney Davidson founding Secretary and Treasurer 2004-2013; Simon Bristow Webmaster 2003-2015; Margaret Kirby – Board Director. mentor and generous funder.  We acknowledge the great contribution made by previous Board members; John Dixon, Heather Le Roy, Janine Scott, Deb Tsorbaris, Elinor Graham, Rick Hillman, Jill Riseley, Caroline Adler, Monica Logan, Christian Stenta, Kristian Gleeson and Jen Sharpe.  We also acknowledge the work of our Volunteer Grants and Innovation Committees.

Previous Sponsors We acknowledge and thank previous supporters who have helped us along the way including;  JBWere, The City of Sydney, CitySearch, mX, The Portland House Foundation, Margaret Kirby, The Brougham Family Trust, Wilson Trust, The RE Ross Trust, Unico, Clear Design, Calvert-Jones Foundation, Stellar Concepts,  Kimberley Foundation, SilverChef, PWC Foundation, Gordon Brothers Charitable Foundation, IMC Foundation, Jack and Ethel Goldin Fnd, MFCo Staff Foundation,

DineSmart – a special thanks to our long term restaurant partners and Ambassadors including Sam Christie, Simon Denton, Martin Pirc, Sean Kierce.  Also to  Janna Szangolies (Urban Purveyor Group) for her commitment and contribution to our DineSmart Campaign 2009 – 2013.

CafeSmart – a special thank you to a number of people who seeded the idea of CafeSmart in 2010/11 and helped develop the event – Salvatore Malatesta at St Ali and Joanne Feehan (then at Allpress) for those first conversations, encouragement and support, Nathan, Ben, Diamond at the Mulberry Group, Nick at Broadsheet, Emma and Dion at Single Origin, Ben Bicknell at Five Senses Coffee, Maria Paoli, and CLEAR Design for creating the CafeSmart look.

Website – a very special thank you to a number of people who have been involved in the redesign of our website…  Robbie Dinte – Project overseer and driver; Jimmy Ling gave the nod for this to happen at NAB; Ben Cameron – coding, mapping and nuts and bolts expertise; Steve Head and Glenn Wilson – Ayuda Hosting – web hosting and other tech;  Geeta Buttery – design, content, database integration and much more.  We thank the National Australia Bank for their support of their staff as skilled volunteers.

Back in 2003 we were inspired by the work of StreetSmart UK .  We thank them for that spark. You can find organisations inspired by StreetSmart UK around the globe.

In Australia we hold the following fundraising licences:

  • QLD Registered to fundraise under Collections Act 1966 – CH1632
  • NSW Registered to fundraise under Charitable Fundraising Act 1991
  • VIC Registered to fundraise under Fundraising Appeals Act 1998 – 7935
  • SA Registered to fundraise under Collections for Charitable Purposes Act 1939 – CCP1377
  • WA Registered to fundraise – 21206
  • TAS Registered to fundraise under section 6 of the Collections for Charities ACT 2001
  • ACT – Currently we are fundraising under the threshold for registration

StreetSmart is a unique organisation, empowering us all to help people who are homeless by funding grassroots, 'hard to reach' projects.

Tim Costello, Patron StreetSmart Australia

Like all the best ideas, StreetSmart is blindingly simple. How wonderful it is to do something graceful, something simple, something kind.

Stephen Fry, StreetSmart Supporter

DineSmart is really very clever. A no-brainer! "Dine Out - Help Out". No obligation - just an invitation at the end of the meal to give a bit extra.

Sarah Wilson, StreetSmart Supporter