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Recent StreetSmart Media

Here is a small selection from the many media clippings StreetSmart has had. We’d like to thank the media who have taken an interest in our work.

Shepparton New 02/12/2012

CafeSmart 2021 keeping up the community spirit

BeanScene Magazine Oct 2021

An extra hearty brew in Yass with $1 from every cup helping to end homelessness

About regional 12/08/2021

Feel good lockdown food

Good Food 10/08/2021

CafeSmart 2021 Cafes

Broadsheet Sydney 06/08/2021

Coffee and hope

Coffee and hope

CafeSmart on ABC new

ABC Melbourne News 04/08/2021

Drink Coffee Do Good

Big Issue edition #642 Aug 2021

CafeSmart 2021 brings community spirit this week

BeanScene Magazine Aug/2021

How A Cuppa Can Help

The Mercury Aug/2021

CafeSmart 2021 Cafes

Broadsheet Adelaide 04/08/2021

CafeSmart 2021 Cafes

Broadsheet Brisbane 04/08/2021

CafeSmart 2021 Cafes

Broadsheet Perth 04/08/2021

Cafes Step up for homelessness week

Echo 04/08/2021

Noosa cafe raises funds for the homeless

Noosa Today 03/08/2021

Kindness on the menu as Alowishus Delicious helps fight homelessness one coffee at a time

Cairns Post 03/08/2021

Be CaféSmart about a cuppa donation for homelessness charities

Echo 03/08/2021

CafeSmart 2021 Cafes

Broadsheet Melbourne 02/08/2021

Port Macquarie cafes help raise funds during Homelessness Week

Port Macquarie News 2/08/2021

Homelessness week: Ballarat businesses running CaféSmart initiative

The Courier 02/08/2021

Coffee and hope

Western Independent Perth 05/08/2021

How to pay it forward in Melbourne

What’s On Aug/2021

Coffee drinkers taking action during Homelessness Week

The Eden Magnet Aug/2021

Help the coffee industry fight homelessness this August with CafeSmart 2021

BeanScene Magazine Jul/2021

CafeSmart 2021 kicks off in three weeks

BeanScene Magazine Jul/2021

uniting cafes and roasters to tackle homelessness

La Marzocco 23/07/2021

CafeSmart unites again to fight homelessness

BeanScene Magazine Jul/2021

A call to cafes: CafeSmart 2021

BeanScene Magazine Jun/2021

Cafes for Covid smashes fundraising target and raised $57,310

Bendigo Advertiser 16/12/2020

Cafesmart supports Action against Homelessness

Bundaberg Now 16/10/2020

How purchasing a coffee on Friday could help people in need

The Courier 15/10/2020

Drink Coffee and Give Back to Your Hood this week

Urban List 14/10/2020

CafeSmart 2020 Registration closes soon

BeanScene 2020

Bendigo Foodshare continues its meals initiative, teaming up with StreetSmart

Bendigo Advertiser 23/08/2020

FoodLink all set to provide meals during second lockdown

Riverine Herald 10/08/2020

Full plate for meal program

Shepparton News 06/07/2020

Lower East Cafe donating meals as part of SmartMeals program

Mercury News 01/06/2020

Broadsheet 20/05/2020

BeanScene Magazine May 2020

StreetSmart Media Archived

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