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Provide a safe haven

Material aid makes a house, a home. People in crisis and exiting out of homelessness need support as they create new havens of safety and independence. Making an empty house liveable with essentials like a fridge, cleaning supplies, and homewares, can be expensive and push vulnerable people further into debt. Simple items like new sheets and towels offer people comfort and dignity in their time of stress.


Provide food relief

Too many Australians are struggling to have enough food for themselves and their families. Parents are skipping meals so their kids can eat dinner and children are turning up to school hungry and unable to focus.


Provide housing assistance

Housing is a human right. For those facing intersectional challenges like poverty, homelessness, domestic and family violence, or displacement after a natural disaster, a roof over your head means safety and dignity.


We believe everyone should have a safe and secure place to call home
It is a basic human right
Ending homelessness will take a whole of community response

Through innovative campaigns we enable and empower communities
to raise vital funds and awareness
to bring about change for people experiencing homelessness or at risk.

We keep it grassroots, we keep it local

We seek out, support and partner with small organisations and projects, in the communities where funds are raised.

Recently Funded Projects

Ending and preventing homelessness

Australia is facing a rental crisis driven by decades of poor housing policy and social housing underinvestment, supercharged in recent years by the pandemic and world events. These factors have resulted in homelessness increasing by 8% and 42% of all low-income households experiencing rental stress. Through StreetSmart’s Making-a-Home program, vulnerable people are supported into safe, sustainable and secure tenancies, a critical step in preventing and ending homelessness. 

$80,000 to support vulnerable women

For over a decade it has been widely known that older women are the fastest-growing cohort of people experiencing homelessness and that the greatest cause of homelessness in Australia is domestic and family violence.The COVID pandemic has deepened these issues and currently there are too many women living in poverty, housing insecurity and homelessness. That’s why we recently funded 10 smaller organisations supporting vulnerable women. 

$17,400 in emergency support for flooded communities

Natural disasters are often felt most acutely by those already living on the margins or experiencing some form of disadvantage such as financial hardship, homelessness, or poverty. They also place increased pressure on local networks of support. Through the generous support of our donors, $17,400 been raised and distributed to 4 organisations to provide emergency relief, material aid, and food relief to people impacted by floods.

Corporate and Workplace Giving

You can choose to nominate StreetSmart Australia as your charity of choice for workplace giving. Every month your donations will help support a range of important projects providing care and aid to vulernable people experiencing homelessness.

Contact us via email for more information

Donations made to StreetSmart Australia over $2 are tax deductible. StreetSmart Australia (ABN: 51 106 387 446) is endorsed by the Australian Tax Office as a deductible gift recipient under the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997. StreetSmart Australia is registered with the Australian Charities and Not for profit Commission (ACNC).

To Donate by Direct Bank Transfer:

“Our business has been supporting StreetSmart through workplace giving since 2015. Each month our team helps fund a new project and we get immediate feedback on how the money has been spent. We are really proud to be a part of such an important initiative, and our staff are too,” Justine Butler, ASIC in the Community Manager

Please send us an email of your donation, including donation amount, date, and donor name. We will send a tax deductible receipt to you.

Account name: StreetSmart Australia
Bank: NAB
BSB: 083-004
Acc Number: 17243-2803