We believe everyone should have a safe and secure place to call home
It is a basic human right
Ending homelessness will take a whole of community response

Through innovative campaigns we enable and empower communities
to raise vital funds and awareness
to bring about change for people experiencing homelessness or at risk.

We keep it grassroots, we keep it local

We seek out, support and partner with small organisations and projects, in the communities where funds are raised.

Recently Funded Projects

SmartCare – Supporting Frontline Workers

Frontline workers have done an amazing job caring for some of our most vulnerable and marginalised people through the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s crucial that workers have good support for their mental and physical well-being. Through SmartCare we are funding important support programs including mental health first aid courses, counseling, self-care initiatives, care packs, and team building sessions.

Total Funds Provided: $47,000

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COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund

Throughout 2020 we raised funds and provided grants from our COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund. These grants supported a variety of vulnerable communities including women experiencing domestic violence and young people living in emergency accommodation, along with homeless health initiatives and related capacity building grants for SmartMeals/community meals program partners.

Total Funds Provided $53,000

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SmartMeals – Feeding People. Saving Jobs

Between March ’20 – January ’21 we have delivered 108,310 meals through our SmartMeals program, partnering with local cafes & restaurants and social enterprises, impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, to provide meals for their local, overstretched homeless community groups. It is providing vital support for both the homeless and hospitality sectors in these difficult times, across VIC, NSW, WA and QLD.

Total Funds Provided: $889,784

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Latest Twitter Feeds

StreetSmartAust @StreetSmartAust
@TymGuitars Sad to hear this news - thanks for all the support for the work we do in the community for people experiencing homelessness. 👊👊

Support for domestic violence services

We recently provided grants from our COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund to several grassroots services focused supporting victims of domestic violence. A few of the practical items these grants funded include: a SmartTV to facilitate group therapy, new phones and SIM cards for women fleeing domestic violence, home starter kits to help women move from crisis accommodation into their own place and emergency vouchers for clients for food, petrol, taxis and other necessities.

Total Funds Provided: $10,000

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