We fundraise to support grassroots projects that

tackle homelessness.

These smaller organisations provide vital frontline services, but struggle with a lack of resources.

The little guys are an important part of our social safety net, and in collaboration with individuals, business and corporate partners our mission is to lend a helping hand.

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A few projects that we have supported

SmartMeals – Feeding People. Saving Jobs

Since April we have delivered more than 27,000 meals through our SmartMeals program, partnering local cafes & restaurants devastated by the COVID-19 crisis to provide meals for their local overstretched homeless community groups. It is providing vital support for both the homeless and hospitality sectors in these difficult times, across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. Total Funds Provided: $230,840

Education for vulnerable youths

We provided four grants to youth-based organisations from our COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund to assist with immediate and future needs. Young people experiencing homelessness were already facing difficulty before this pandemic and now we want to make sure they have the practical tools and resources they need to move forward and thrive. Total Funds Provided: $10,000

Support for domestic violence services

We recently provided grants from our COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund to several grassroots services focused supporting victims of domestic violence. A few of the practical items these grants funded include: a SmartTV to facilitate group therapy, new phones and SIM cards for women fleeing domestic violence, home starter kits to help women move from crisis accommodation into their own place and emergency vouchers for clients for food, petrol, taxis and other necessities. Total Funds Provided: $10,000

...Just knowing the StreetSmart team was out there working away helped our staff to remain positive in the face of challenging circumstances.

Chris Turner, CEO Sunny Kids

Woohoo! We are so excited about being selected as recipients of StreetSmart money.

Yasmin, 139 Club, Brisbane

Finding funding for a service as small as ours is never easy. StreetSmart have been there for us and the projects they are willing to support make a real difference to our work and the outcomes we can achieve for our young homeless clients

Alistair Sutherland, Manager, Iramoo Youth Refuge

...your dedicated work in raising funds for small organisations is extremely inspiring. Your work has such positive and broad reaching consequences for some of our communities most disadvantaged people.

Kat Armstrong, Director, WIPAN

Without the support of StreetSmart, this vital service for clients and their children who are homeless as a result of experiencing family violence or sexual assault, just isn’t possible. So a massive thank you from our Team.

Tania Smith, Program Manager Pathways Alliance Team

Interested in applying for funds? Here is what you need to know…

StreetSmart supports smaller, grassroots, community based organisations with limited fundraising options or capacity. We are able to fund both non-DGR and DGR organisations. Our focus is the support of people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. We ask larger organisations (over $1 million + t/o) to contact us to discuss appropriateness of an application.

StreetSmart primarily supports organisations through Community Grants based on our DineSmart and CafeSmart fundraising events. We also provide SleepSafe Sleep Kits in partnership with Sheridan.  Our Community Grants are localised grants that are distributed in the community where funds are raised. To find out if we have grants available in your area, please view participants on the maps on the DineSmart and CafeSmart pages.

The next round of Community Grants will be based on CafeSmart 2019.  Grant application invitations are now closed and funds will be distributed in Nov/Dec 2019. Our next distribution will be based on DineSmart 2019 fundraising and take place in April 2020.

If you have any queries about our grant process please call Adam Robinson on 04 88 33 64 19 to discuss.

Grant Recipients by State / Year

In 2014 StreetSmart funded the Counsel to Homeless Persons, Peer Education Support Program to create a number of videos to help with their education and advocacy work.

In 2012 StreetSmart co-funded Brisbane Youth Service to empower young people who had experienced homelessness to tell their story.  This powerful video is by Natasha, an extraordinarily brave young woman.

StreetSmart has supported FareShare since 2004 when it was just starting out.  Since then StreetSmart has been a constant funder as the organisation has been growing to now supply close to 1 million meals a year.

Eureka Mum’s in Ballarat supports families in need with baby essentials like cots and clothes. Seedfunded in 2014 and supported with total of $11,000 in grants since.

Support more projects

Carevan provides hot, nutritious meals for people who are homeless or at risk in Albury Wodonga. Supported with 8 micro grants since 2011 totalling $7,750.

Support more projects

Sydney Homeless Connect hold an event allowing easy access to services in one location, supporting people who are homeless to get the help they need. Totalling $9,250 in community grants since 2012.

Support more projects

StreetSmart has supported The 139 Club in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley since 2008 with 13 grants totaling $38,470.  Projects supported have included SWAGS for rough sleepers, a women’s wellness group, a parenting group and a Memorial Wall to commemorate the lives of people who have died on the street.

Back in 2005 StreetSmart funded The Big Issue to start a soccer program.  With seed funding of $1,482 the program got up and running.  Since then the program has been funded by State and Federal governments and rolled out to 16 centres, impacting thousands of lives.  StreetSmart continues to support the Big Issue vendors across Australia

Eureka Mums is a grassroots volunteer lead organisation based in Ballarat rescuing and supplying baby equipment and clothes to families in need. To date StreetSmart has assisted them with grants totalling $11,000, with a start up grant of $2000 in 2014.