We fundraise to support grassroots projects that

tackle homelessness.

These smaller organisations provide vital frontline services, but often struggle with a lack of resources.

Community based organisations are an important part of our social safety net, and in collaboration with individuals, philanthropic and corporate partners our mission is to lend a helping hand and empower social change.

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Our Community Impact


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Impact you can see with the drop of a pin

...Just knowing the StreetSmart team was out there working away helped our staff to remain positive in the face of challenging circumstances.

Chris Turner, CEO Sunny Kids

Woohoo! We are so excited about being selected as recipients of StreetSmart money.

Yasmin, 139 Club, Brisbane

Finding funding for a service as small as ours is never easy. StreetSmart have been there for us and the projects they are willing to support make a real difference to our work and the outcomes we can achieve for our young homeless clients

Alistair Sutherland, Manager, Iramoo Youth Refuge

...your dedicated work in raising funds for small organisations is extremely inspiring. Your work has such positive and broad reaching consequences for some of our communities most disadvantaged people.

Kat Armstrong, Director, WIPAN

Without the support of StreetSmart, this vital service for clients and their children who are homeless as a result of experiencing family violence or sexual assault, just isn’t possible. So a massive thank you from our Team.

Tania Smith, Program Manager Pathways Alliance Team

A few projects that we have supported

We currently support over 400 refuges and shelters around Australia, working closely with each of them to ensure sleep kits go where they are needed most. Check out our interactive map to see just where SleepSafe grants and sleep kits are distributed in your local community. To date we have raised $976,000, equating to 64,000 sleep kits that are distributed to over 420 community organisations.

Children who grow up in poverty are more likely to be behind in school. The 2016 Child Well-Being study found a strong association between going to bed or school hungry and less school attendance and satisfaction. Food or clothing deprivation was associated with low school engagement. The Australian Research Alliance for Children & Youth has found that when kids grow up in deprivation, they are more likely to be negatively affected throughout their lives. So far we have raised over $80,000 to support grass roots organisations around Australia that aid students and families in need.

That is a wrap! in 626 days we raised and distributed $1,385,583 to 150 charity partners while providing 259,665 emergency meals. This initiative has been an ‘all of community’ response to help keep fellow Australians safe during a once in a generation pandemic. From the very beginning we have been fortunate to have funding partners who could see what we were doing and achieving, and backed us in.

Interested in receiving support? Here is what you need to know…

StreetSmart supports smaller, grassroots, community based organisations with limited fundraising options or capacity. We are able to fund both non-DGR and DGR organisations. Our focus is the support of people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. We ask larger organisations (over $2 million + annual turnover) to contact us to discuss appropriateness of an application.

StreetSmart supports organisations through three initiative; Community Grants, SmartMeals and SleepSafe. Funds for grants are raised through our annual CafeSmart (August) and DineSmart (Nov-Dec) events and through our monthly Projects initiative.  Grants provided through the CafeSmart and DinSmart initiatives are localised,  distributed in the communities where funds are raised. Grants provided through the Projects initiative are funded by our monthly fundraising.

If you would like to express an interest in your organisation receiving StreetSmart support, have any queries about our grant process or would like to nominate an organisation please email Adam Robinson through our contact form.

Grant Recipients by State / Year