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“When you’re down and out like this, it’s tough. This food has been keeping me afloat during this particularly rough patch in my life.”

“The meals are so good. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to be able to rely on them each day.”

“Thank you so much. This food is a blessing. I don’t know what I would do without it.”

“Without these meals I would have nothing to eat for lunch. Thank you so much for providing such a great service”.

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Since March 2020 SmartMeals has been helping people in need, with double the impact. The program provides nutritious meals for people impacted by the COVID-19 economic and health crisis, while also keeping hospitality workers in jobs. SmartMeals uses the under-utilised capacity of local cafes, restaurants and food based social enterprises, devastated by this pandemic, to provide meals for their local overstretched homeless and community groups. More and more people impacted by unemployment and groups missing out on welfare payments, need our support to keep food on their table. Please help us to keep delivering this practical, decentralised and local solution to support as many people, in food crisis, as possible.

SmartMeals Ladro Sean

“SmartMeals has had such a positive impact, paying for two chefs who are both temporary visa holders who did not fall under the current Jobkeeper or JobSeeker programs andf feeding vulnerable locals. It’s also about connecting the local community at a difficult time.” Sean Kierce, Ladro

SmartMeals Sassafras

“Transitioning from rough sleeping or insecure housing to temporarily living in motels is tough at the best of times. As a part of a critical pandemic response it’s been pretty tricky for lots of people. To be able to provide these people, including families with kids, with freshly prepared café quality meals each day has been a really positive outcome. Thank You.” MK Woods, Communify

SmartMeals Society

“SmartMeals has been a lifesaver for cafe during the lockdown period in Melbourne. It has not only allowed us to keep our cafe running, staff working and driving purpose into the everyday of what we do, but it has also allowed us to extend our community impact into emergency relief whilst building on our connections with local housing service providers.” Tenille Gilbert, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Society Melbourne

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Venues & Charity Partners

Venues & Charity Partners

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StreetSmart thanks every person and organisation who contributed to this video, in particular Lana and Ryan for sharing their personal experiences with SmartMeals.

SmartMeals in Action

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