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Why your support is needed.

People will often remain in violent and dangerous situations rather than leave their pet behind with an abuser. For people living rough a pet provides personal security, physical warmth and companionship that can never be underestimated. We need to understand that pets are an important part of people’s lives, the bond is powerful, often being the only friend vulnerable people have, and crucial for their mental and physical health.

“A lot of refuges do not accept pets, so many people decide to stay in a domestic violence situation for fear of what might happen to their pet if they leave. Sadly, our counsellors regularly speak to people whose intimate partners use violence or threats of it towards their pets – in order to frighten and control them into staying”

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Pets in the Park

StreetSmart Community Partner


of women reporting domestic violence incidents said their abusers threatened, hurt or killed their pets.


women delayed leaving their violent relationship out of fear for their pet’s safety.


reported that their violent partner had hurt or killed one of their pets (Hole, 2005)

Your donations create real change.

For people experiencing homelessness or domestic violence, having a pet can be a huge source of comfort and motivation as they face a crisis. Unfortunately, having a pet can also be a barrier to accessing safe and secure accommodation. By funding crisis services to care for pets, you can ensure pet owners facing homelessness are properly supported and by funding vet outreach services you can ensure the wellbeing of those sleeping rough or without a stable home.


Past Support for Pets & People

Since 2013 StreetSmart has supported a number of programs that care for the pets of vulnerable people. Check out our blog to see what your generosity has meant in the past.

Other options for support

Donate White Goods

For every $250 raised, essential white goods can be provided to a displaced person. Setting up someone for tenancy success is a vital part of any homeless support service.

Donate a Sleep Kit

For every $15 raised, a sleep kit is provided to a displaced person. Containing a towel, fitted sheet, flat sheet and pillowcase, they are delivered through 555 local community charity partners.

Donate a Meal

For every $5 raised, a wholesome meal is provided to a displaced person. To date, 290,586 meals have been provided across 150+ Community partners.

Make change in your workplace

Corporate & Workplace Giving

“Our business has been supporting StreetSmart through workplace giving since 2015. Each month our team helps fund a new project and we get immediate feedback on how the money has been spent. We are really proud to be a part of such an important initiative, and our staff are too.” Justine Butler, ASIC in the Community Manager

You can choose to nominate StreetSmart Australia as your charity of choice for workplace giving. Every month your donations will help support a range of important projects providing care and aid to vulnerable people experiencing homelessness.

Contact us via email for more information.

Donation Option

Donate Direct Bank Transfer

Donations made to StreetSmart Australia over $2 are tax deductible. StreetSmart Australia (ABN: 51 106 387 446) is endorsed by the Australian Tax Office as a deductible gift recipient under the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997. StreetSmart Australia is registered with the Australian Charities and Not for profit Commission (ACNC).

Please send us an email of your donation, including donation amount, date, and donor name. We will send a tax deductible receipt to you.


Account name: StreetSmart Australia
Bank: NAB
BSB: 083-004
Acc Number: 17243-2803

Support StreetSmart and make a charitable donation today.