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Older women over 55 years of age are the fastest growing cohort of people experiencing homelessness. Ongoing research into a growing housing crisis among Australia’s ageing baby boomer women, especially in regional Australia, has identified the problem as a “sleeping giant”.

The loss of a relationship, gender-based workplace inequality resulting in insufficient superannuation, difficulty re-entering the workforce after children and caring for family, and not owning a home, are all factors compounding the problem for older women.

That’s why this month our StreetFunder initiative is supporting Beecroft House, an innovative new project that will provide safe and secure housing to 20 women over 55, for up to two years, with support to identify permanent housing solutions. Women’s Community Shelters (WCS) have transformed the former Twilight Aged Care facility, a disused aged care facility in Sydney’s north-west, to provide safe housing for older women in an innovative community housing initiative. Funds raised will go towards improving the electrical infrastructure and supplying each resident with some basic electrical appliances.

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