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Your donations help make a house, a home.

This Winter, we are directing funds to three key areas that make a house, a home.

Housing & Tenancy Support

Housing is a human right. For those facing intersectional challenges like poverty, homelessness, domestic and family violence, or displacement after a natural disaster, a roof over your head means safety and dignity.

Housing is a human right. For those facing intersectional challenges like poverty, homelessness, domestic and family violence, or displacement after a natural disaster, a roof over your head means safety and dignity.

The amount that a young person on income support in Australia has per day to cover food, transport, medicine, power and other costs.

(After paying rent)

Meet Ida
After 60-year-old Ida’s* husband passed away, she could no longer afford the private rental cost alone for her house. She moved in with her adult son and his family where she soon began to experience financial abuse.

Facing homelessness, Ida reached out for help and was able to receive support to access social housing. Having spent many years living with her children, she had very few personal possessions and was unable to sustainably live in her new home.

Ida was supported with rental assistance and advice, stocking a pantry with essentials, pots, pans, utensils and other household essentials.


Homewares & Household Items

Material aid makes a house, a home. People in crisis and exiting out of homelessness need support as they create new havens of safety and independence. Making an empty house liveable with essentials like a fridge, cleaning supplies, and homewares, can be expensive and push vulnerable people further into debt. Simple items like new sheets and towels offer people comfort and dignity in their time of stress.

The percentage of available rentals that are affordable for a single person on full time minimum wage

Meet Sonia
Sonia* is 24 and a single mother to 2 children under 10. Sonia became homeless after surviving domestic violence. After seeking support and finally securing a 2 bedroom home, she was unable to purchase even the most basic essentials like a bed for her son or a washing machine. 

Being able to access furniture, beds, mattresses, a chest of draws, a tallboy, a fridge and a washing machine allowed her house to become her home for herself and her children.

Sonia and her children are now enjoying this forever home which is providing the stability to move forward to focus on their life ahead.


Groceries & Food Relief

Too many Australians are struggling to have enough food for themselves and their families. Parents are skipping meals so their kids can eat dinner and children are turning up to school hungry and unable to focus.

The number of households in Australia (21%) that have experienced severe food insecurity in the last 12 months

Meet Phil

Phil* has a job and rents a room in a sharehouse in the outer suburbs. His rent has recently increased and Phil is now skipping meals and buying less fresh food to try and stretch his income. 

The mounting stress of covering rent and the increasing energy bills leaves Phil cutting back on other things like the weekly food shop and sometimes his prescription medicine. 

Accessing food relief hampers and shopping vouchers has meant Phil can properly eat, catch-up on overdue bills and keep paying his rent. 


Why your support is needed.

To put it simply…

Individuals receiving Job Seeker or Youth allowance have no affordable rental options…Zero.
In the past year, food prices have increased by 8%, with staple items such as bread and dairy rising by 11% and 15% respectively.
Homelessness services are forced to turn away over 300 people every day.

These alarming statistics require a collaborative effort to resolve.

“The opportunity of a fresh start and new opportunities that come with a chance to build a new home, can be quickly blighted by debt and stress around costs and ongoing financial responsibilities. Moving into a new home is very expensive. rent in advance, bond, key deposits, removals, storage fees are just some of the costs to meet.”

Newtown Neighbourhood CentreOn Gadigal Land (NSW)

“People in hardship and experiencing crisis are used to having second hand or donated goods and so to have such high quality, new essentials restores their self-worth and dignity.”

Connie Crookshanks at CHLStreetSmart Community Partner

“Inflation is hurting our residents. They are increasingly falling into rent arrears or borrowing money from friends, family or money lenders to pay for rent. Support services are stretched and unable to provide the level of support they have provided previously.”

Servants Community HousingStreetSmart Community Partner

“More than most, our clients are feeling the brunt of the ever-increasing cost of living, without having a similar increase in their pension to compensate. Assisting them to purchase establishment items will mean that recipients can put their limited resources to food items and other ongoing household costs."

Housing for the Aged Action GroupStreetSmart Community Partner

"Our client numbers are increasing daily. Due to lack of affordable housing; food insecurity; domestic violence; trauma; suicide risks; and mental health and wellbeing issues we have have increased numbers of homeless and those in food insecurity and poverty in our region."

Agape OutreachStreetSmart Community Partner
Make change in your workplace

Corporate & Workplace Giving

“Our business has been supporting StreetSmart through workplace giving since 2015. Each month our team helps fund a new project and we get immediate feedback on how the money has been spent. We are really proud to be a part of such an important initiative, and our staff are too.” Justine Butler, ASIC in the Community Manager

You can choose to nominate StreetSmart Australia as your charity of choice for workplace giving. Every month your donations will help support a range of important projects providing care and aid to vulnerable people experiencing homelessness.

Contact us via email for more information.

Donation Option

Donate Direct Bank Transfer

Donations made to StreetSmart Australia over $2 are tax deductible. StreetSmart Australia (ABN: 51 106 387 446) is endorsed by the Australian Tax Office as a deductible gift recipient under the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997. StreetSmart Australia is registered with the Australian Charities and Not for profit Commission (ACNC).

Please send us an email of your donation, including donation amount, date, and donor name. We will send a tax deductible receipt to you.


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