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Fundraise with us as we fight to end homelessness in Australia.


Have a question? Check out our FAQ for the answers.

Learn and Advocate Resources

Ready to spark conversations about homelessness and create social change? Check out our ready to use resource packs for primary aged students that will inspire, educate, empower. They have been designed through consultation with Australian educators and the homelessness sector, and are aligned to the Australian Curriculum (9.0).

All resource packs include a summary lesson plan, a curriculum map, student worksheets as appropriate, and links to further resources.

What Makes
a Home


Resource Pack

∗Lower Primary

Deep Listening to Different Stories


Resource Pack

∗Mid to Upper Primary

Social Change Advocates


Resource Pack

∗Upper Primary

The Myth Busters Quiz



Resource Pack

∗Upper Primary

Fundraising Resources

Ready to create a powerful and meaningful fundraiser that creates real change in the lives of people experiencing or at risk of homelessness? We have some fun and are ready to use resources that will help bring your event to life! Don’t forget to register your school fundraiser here.

Schools for Change Toolkit


Guiding Documents

*All levels

Fundraising Posters and Fast Facts


For Print

*All levels

Homelessness and Social Change presentation


Presentation Documents

*All levels

Brody’s Story about Homelessness 1:25

Jamie’s Experience with Homelessness 2:16

"These are great classroom activities to increase awareness. Ready to teach lessons which teachers and students will love!"

EducatorNew South Wales

"Fundraising for StreetSmart was fantastic! We loved knowing our efforts would help grassroot homelessness services create real change for people experiencing homelessness"


become a school for change

become a school for change

become a school for change

become a school for change

become a school for change

Frequently asked questions

Can you come and visit our school for a presentation?

Unfortunately StreetSmart is a small (and busy!)  team and so we are unable to make in person visits at this time.

Where can I learn more about Homelessness?

If you’re an educator looking to engage students, check out our curriculum aligned and ready to teach primary classroom activities.

If you’re a knowledge seeker keen to build your understanding of homelessness in Australia – check out our library of current news and reports or visit our About Homelessness page.

Where will our donation go?

Funds raised will create real change in the lives of people expressing or at risk of homelessness. We will distribute donations to grassroots frontline homelessness services in the region where funds were raised.


This is our model of local led impact to create the biggest change for our most vulnerable community members. Read more about our grant making here.

Can we raise funds online?

Yes! We encourage schools and students to get creative with their fundraising and advocacy. If you’re unsure where to start with online fundraising – we suggest MyCause, and have created a guide to setting up your profile here.

How can you help us with our fundraiser?

We have developed a number of helpful and engaging resources to help you create an awesome experience for your school community. This includes, Fast Facts, Posters, and classroom or assembly presentations. Check them out here.

Who are StreetSmart Australia?

We are a Registered Charity operating across Australia to raise funds and awareness for grassroots homelessness services. We have been mobilising communities to make real change for people at risk of or experiencing homelessness for the past 20 years and have distributed over $10.6 million to fund life saving and life changing programs. Read more on our About Us page.

For every $1 we raise and distribute, $3.80 is created in social value. Read our latest Impact Report here. 

How can I provide feedback on this program?

We’re keen to hear your thoughts and feedback on any aspect of this program, whether you are an educator, school staff member, parent, or student. You can find us at schoolsforchange@streetsmartaustralia.org or by reaching out to Isabella on 0408 222 123