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Youth Futures WA clients in housing

Corporate collaborations fund $41,750 for homelessness and housing programs

By Grant Impact, Homelssness Healthcare, LGBTQI+, Making a Home, Projects StreetSmart, Recently Funded, StreetSmart Projects

Working closely with corporate partners has enabled 9 grants totalling $41,750 to fund homelessness responses and housing outcomes across Australia. Thanks to these partnerships, 31 households are being supported to exit out of homelessness into safe and sustainable homes, and 170 people facing and experiencing homelessness are gaining access to immediate and ongoing support.

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$89,150 to keep the doors open for small organisations

By Grant Impact, Homelssness Healthcare, Projects StreetSmart, Recently Funded, StreetSmart Projects

The rising demand and falling funding for ‘on the ground’ and small community organisations is a perfect storm that is limiting the ability of these vital programs to remain open for people in need. Our generous donors and dedicated monthly supporters throughout October along with a philanthropic partnership have delivered crucial funding to 19 organisations across Australia. This $89,150 is filling funding gaps for these organisations to empower communities to better respond to and prevent homelessness in ways that work for them.

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CafeSmart 2023 is funding 133 grants!

By CafeSmart, Community Grants, Grant Impact, StreetSmart News

Across Australia during Homelessness Week, 717 cafes, 44 roasters, and countless communities were coming together over their favourite brew to take action against homelessness. This incredible collective effort in August has helped us distribute a total of $147,585 across 133 frontline organisations that are supporting our most vulnerable. Such a vital, local impact across so many regions in Australia is a testament to the enthusiasm and support of the roasters, cafes, sponsors, and of course, coffee lovers involved. 

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Celebrating the Power of Partnerships

By Projects StreetSmart

Our work does not happen in a vacuum, and it is through the commitment and generosity of businesses, organisations, and individuals that we are able to take meaningful action against homelessness. As 2023 draws to a close we are celebrating the powerful partnerships with corporates, businesses, and organisations that have allowed us to respond to the growing need in communities.

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Homelessness is diverse and so is our support

By Homelessness in the news, Projects StreetSmart, StreetSmart Projects

The current drivers of homelessness are affecting people differently. Regardless of the cause or type of homelessness, we are seeing demand rise across the board. As the year draws to a close we are raising awareness about the ways in which housing, rental and cost of living pressures are pushing people into homelessness and housing precarity. With so many types of support needed, we invite our community to learn more and direct their support where they choose. Funds raised will help create safe new homes with all the essentials, feed people and families going hungry and skipping meals, and care for those with furry friends who are sleeping rough or without a stable home.

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Helping those sleeping rough to keep safe, healthy and connected

By Grant Impact, Homelssness Healthcare, Projects StreetSmart, Recently Funded, StreetSmart Projects

As the cold winter months took hold and made life increasingly dangerous and difficult for people sleeping rough, we have directed $110,500 to deliver a range of critical care responses to those who had no where else to go but the street, a car, a tent. Our generous donors and dedicated monthly supporters throughout July and August along with a philanthropic partnership have delivered crucial funding to 15 organisations across Australia.

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Schools taking action and raising awareness in their communities

By Projects StreetSmart, Schools for Change, StreetSmart Projects

Recently we’ve had some passionate young people taking the lead in their school communities to talk about homelessness, break down stigma, and raise much needed funds for their local services. Our Schools for Change program helps to connect studnets, staff and schools to the topic of homelessness through creative, flexible, and evidence based activities and resources.

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From Crisis to Comfort: 4 Years of our SleepSafe Initiative

By Projects StreetSmart, Recently Funded, SleepSafe, StreetSmart Projects

It’s been 4 years since the inception of SleepSafe and although it’s growth and reach has expanded since, the belief in and commitment to providing practical support, care, and dignity to those in crisis has not. At it’s heart, SleepSafe helps Australian’s facing homelessness and hardship to feel worthy, safe, and cared for. Having distributed over 108,000 kits (and counting) we reflect on what it means to have a safe night sleep, and how sleep kits help bring comfort to those in crisis.

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