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DineSmart Powers COVID-19 Response Grants

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“I truly believe this grant will be lifesaving…”
Peter Valpiani, The Haymarket Foundation

It seems an entire lifetime ago but back in December and before the January bushfire crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic, just over 100 restaurants around Australia teamed up with their customers to raise funds for local homeless services. This was our 17th DineSmart campaign and our dedicated band of restaurateurs and their staff drove the event – chatting with customers and advocating for a world without homelessness. Little did they know what lay ahead for them and their businesses, and just how important these funds would be for frontline services dealing with a crisis the likes we haven’t seen in a generation.

Last week 33 community grants worth $191,150, funded by DineSmart 2019 donations, were distributed in VIC, NSW, QLD and SA. Read More

StreetSmart funds emergency relief grants for COVID-19 thanks to 2019 DineSmart

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Thanks to DineSmart 2019
We have been continually checking in with our community partners throughout this COVID-19 crisis and one thing rings true for every one, they need funding right now. And thanks to the generous support of venues and customers through our 2019 DineSmart campaign we are able to provide immediate grants to help support them through this difficult time.

We will be sharing a lot of the positive impact we’re able to make in the coming days and weeks. Read More

COVID-19 Response from StreetSmart Australia – Updated 22 July 2020

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Update 22nd July 2020

Many States and Territories are well on top of the COVID-19 pandemic however Victoria and some areas of NSW are struggling to contain the spread of the virus. This means that the economic effects are still being felt across Australia with many people impacted heavily by the economic downturn. Of course, vulnerable people have been hit hard, with limited capacity to adapt to changing circumstances. To help we have continued to raise funds to support our COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund Grants and our SmartMeals program.

To date we have made four rounds of grants totalling $41,000. The latest grants assisted community led food programs targeting people who have mostly slipped through the gaps in Govt support e.g. Temporary Visa Holders, casual employees with few hours, refugees and international students.  Read our Grants blog here.

We have also focussed your donation support to run SmartMeals. To date 23,830 meals have been provided through 11 partnerships between charities and cafes/restaurants keeping people fed and some people employed. Many of these meals are supporting people who have been provided with hotel or motel accommodation having previously been rough sleeping. It’s a vital program to keep the vulnerable safe. Read about SmartMeals here.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to provide these services.

Updated 16th June 2020

Through strong evidence based action by Governments and community Australia has done well in containing the spread of COVID-19.  During the early stages of the pandemic StreetSmart advocated for and supported action to accommodate thousands of rough sleepers in hotel and motel accommodation, the raising of New Start to the improved JobSeeker payment and a rent moratorium  These policies have protected vulnerable people effectively. We encourage Governments of all levels to maintain these policies which have protected the most vulnerable in our community.

On the 1st April StreetSmart established our COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund.  We have been overwhelmed by the community support shown and have acted quickly to support vulnerable community members through a number of initiatives. To date we have made $31,000 of small community grants targeting groups impacted by COVID-19. These grants have supported three medical outreach services, four DV services and four youth organisations.  We also established our SmartMeals program which is targeted at helping plug the gaps in the food security system. To date 16,370 meals have been provided, mostly to people isolating in motels, hotels, and boarding houses, with limited cooking facilities. We will continue to provide meals for as long as they are needed and funding can be found. We will also continue to make small grants to support people experiencing the full impact of this crisis.  Our responses been made possible by our generous supporters – so thank you for standing with us.

Updated 14 April 2020

The team at StreetSmart Australia is deeply concerned about how COVID-19 is impacting people experiencing homelessness and vulnerable people at risk. What we do know, is that Australia has a strong history of community spirit and we will be doing our part to support the small, local, grassroots organisations who will now be on the frontline of this health crisis. The situation is complex and shifting daily, and unfortunately will be placing even more strain on already stretched homeless services. Before this pandemic even began, more than 116,000 people were without a home around the country. Read More

SleepSafe Works With LBGTI Community

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Through the SleepSafe initiative, Sheridan and StreetSmart are fighting to put an end to homelessness. SleepSafe helps many community organisations by providing sleep kits. This week in light of it Mardi Gras, we talk to two organisations who work specifically with the LGBTI community. Read More

CafeSmart 2019 Funds 173 Community Organisations

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Christmas is only a few weeks away and it’s a mad dash to the end of the year. Our annual DineSmart campaign is in full swing at 118 participating restaurants/cafes across four States. At the same time we have been busy finalising our CafeSmart 2019 collection and allocating our next round of Community Grants. This is what our work is all about…
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Winter Appeal – Street Medical Outreach Saves Lives

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Night Nurses in MelbourneWinter is upon us and as the cold starts to bite we know there are thousands of vulnerable people facing a winter outside, sleeping rough, across Australia. This has a profound effect on their health and wellbeing. Experiencing homelessness means a shorter life, especially if you are on the street and unfortunately the numbers of people sleeping rough are rising, with recent street counts confirming these fears. Read More

DineSmart Restaurants and Diners Team Up to Fund 61 Community Projects

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From November 21st – December 31st, 108 restaurants participated in DineSmart raising funds $1 or $2 at a time, generously donated by diners. This was our 16th DineSmart campaign and our dedicated band of restaurateurs and their staff drove the event – chatting with customers and advocating for a world without homelessness. From all this amazing fundraising activity and generous donations we are now able to support 61 community organisations with $233,950 of funding. Seven grant recipient organisations were funded for the first time, including, The Girls Refuge, Ecumenical Coffee Brigade and Women’s Circus.

This now takes our total funds distributed to $5,642,043, supporting 612 organisations. Read More

Thank You – DineSmart 2018 Raises $245,054

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For over 16 years, DineSmart applies the simple model of asking diners to chip in an extra $1 on their bill and granting those donations to combat homelessness in the local community. Sadly, homelessness is on the rise and on any given night there are an estimated 116,000 people without a safe, secure place to call home. With unprecedented demand, and shrinking funding, the funds raised by DineSmart have become an essential lifeline for front line grassroots services and been a key source of funding for innovative ideas.

From November 21st – December 31st, 108 participating restaurants activated the campaign by educating diners on local community projects and seeking support- resulting in $245,054 being raised. This was a huge effort up 27% on 2017.

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